1999 Fretless Bass

-Contributed by JoAnne Beringer-

Considered by some in the family to be his best instrument this bass is often referred to as “JoAnne’s Bass”.  It is not truely mine.  To ensure it remained in the family I tried to buy it.  He was not too anxious to name a price but I knew a talented (but broke) bass player would wander in one day and Dad would figure out a way to sell it to him.

After several weeks of avoiding the subject he did lament that he needed a case and since it was oversized it would have to be custom built.  I saw my chance to save the bass and save face for my dad (since he really didn;t want to sell it at the time).  I offered to buy the case in exchange for the first right of refusal should he ever want to sell the bass.  Problem solved. I include a picture of it in the case just for fun.

So really I own the case.  The bass resides at brother Barry’s house but brother Jim would love to house it as well.  Not to mention a few grandsons that are lusting after it.

I solved the first problem – perhaps they can work out some sort of time share.