1997 Bug Sprayed

-Contributed by Bob Strand-

In the spring of ’92 I had purchased a Gibson AJ directly from the factory in Bozeman because it had a flaw in the headstock.  Anyway, on a summer day that year I was sitting on a picnic table at Cooney Dam picking on this new guitar and the mosquitos were horrid.  My wife, very thoughtfully, got a can of spray and blasted the back of my neck, no big deal, until I looked at the face of this new guitar and MY GOD!!!  The finish was bubbling, literally.  I wiped it as best as I could but the damage was done.  Long story short, I had been to Ted’s shop but knew him only very casually, and I took it to him and gave him my tale of woe and he said he would do what he could.  When I went back to get it I shall never forget his words, he said, “You don’t want to do this again.”  What a treasure he was.