1983 Special Talent

– Contributed by Rick Saddix-

Ted had a special talent in how he would make every detail and specs his own. I remember him talking a lot about African bubinga wood. I was given many times different guitars to take to a gig and play. What a gentleman and a fine player he was. I was always afraid it would get dropped or scratched somehow so i keep playing my usual one. He had the greatest touch for repairing a neck or electronics. I missed a lot opportunities to own one, my favorite one was an electric arch-top he keep in the living room. He called it appropriately The Couch Guitar,,don’t see it shown in the time line, some lucky person has it i guess. Nobody comes close to his laser eye for perfection . Pete was also a great listener and host. She never turned you away from the door no matter what time it was. They will always be missed by me. Thanks for doing this site.