1979 Caddy Man

-Contributed by Jim Beringer-

Although at times Ted was known to drive some smaller cars and even some foreign makes such as the Borgwards, he was more inclined in later years to prefer comfort over economy.  Give him a Yank Tank any day!  Lincolns, Packards, Oldsmobiles, and Fords all had their day. But at heart he was a Caddy Man.  I remember taking a trip to Rock Springs, Wyoming in this car with Ted and Pete, Harley Brendal, and I can’t remember who else, to see Thumbs Carlisle and Buzz Evans playing a gig.  Always in tune with anything mechanical, Ted noticed a noise coming from the rear of the car long before anybody else.  There was a bad bearing in the differential gear.  We stopped at a garage and Ted arranged to use the equipment to make the repairs himself.  With help from Harley, he had us back on the road in a few hours.  It was a long trip but good fun. And the gig was great!