1979 “Amputee”

-Contributed by Barry Beringer-

This guitar was built in the late 70’s.  When it was first built, it had points where there are now sound holes.  Dad built it but never liked it.  But, he didn’t hate it or it would have immediately been cut apart and changed.  It hung in the backroom for many years, totally ignored and never played.  One day I came to work to find the guitar had become what dad called a “double amputee”.  Dad had cut off the points to allow access to the braces which he modified to get the sound he wanted.  Then he put in sound holes where he had cut the body of the guitar.  The guitar now has a great acoustic sound and, when you are the player, you almost get a stereo sound.  (See website entry for “double cut-away) for photo of original design.)