1975 Beater Guitar


-Contributed by Pete Bolenbaugh

I am not even sure that I have the right decade for this guitar.  After talking to my little brother, we agreed that it looked like it was from the 70’s.  If anyone knows for sure, feel free to correct me.

I got this guitar because I told Grandpa that I wanted to go to a pawn shop and buy the cheapest acoustic guitar that I could find.  At the time, I was moving around a lot, and living in houses that hosted a lot of impromptu parties.  The only acoustic guitar I had was the first one that he made for me.  Given its importance in my life, I was understandibly concerned that it would get broken or stolen or something.

Anyway, he told me that he had a guitar that I could have, and headed into his guitar storage room.  I was imagining that he was going to come out with a repair project that someone had given him and never came back for, but this was the guitar he came back with.  He told me all about its history, and how the original owner (a friend of his) had accidentally dropped and broke it.  He showed me how he had fixed it and tried to give it back to his friend, but that he wouldn’t take it back because he didn’t think he deserved it any more.  In other words, he told me what quickly became all of the reasons that I didn’t want to have this guitar stolen or broken either.  He assured me that it would be alright if something happened to it, and I took him on his word.  I’m happy to say that nothing has happened to it, so maybe I’ll be able to pass it down some day when someone needs a guitar for their dorm room or something.